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Thanks Franky601 for this. Did you want to know what the new WTC is going to look like? well take a peek below. Its an amazing design.

"I found a site concerning the new World Trade Center... you have to look a this... It's just unbelievable."

I cant decide if thats positive or negative view from our v kind submitter- but me personally- i think its a center fit for this century- and i hope they build it. Its a beautiful design, and theres a great inclusion of memorials to those who lost their lives, on September 11th, 2001.

This from the website: The Twin Towers were 1320 Feet high. Mr Turner proposes to raise the structures to a height of 1449 feet, which, with the communications tower, will create the world's tallest building at 1750 feet.

The concept comprises of five (5) cylindrical towers topped by an 11 story pyramid, arising from an enclosed, transparent, climatically controlled landscaped biosphere.

The fifth central tower accommodates 50 high speed elevators, each named after a State of The United States of America. The elevators are linked to the towers by transit levels every 10 floors, and two, seven story hydroponic landscaped galleries unify the massive aerial structures at the 45th and 75th levels.

View: World Trade Center 2002 Website

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