Over 900,000 Android devices now activated per day

In February during the World Mobile Congress, Google announced that 850,000 new Android-based devices were being activated every day. Now a new Twitter message from Android's leader Andy Rubin says that number continues to increase. He stated, " ... there are over 900,000 android devices activated each day."

Rubin also decided to debunk an Internet rumor that he was planning to leave Google to join a startup named Cloudcar in his Twitter message. He also took to his Google+ account to give more information, saying:

How a rumor gets factualized: Cloudcar are a group of friends who I give free office space to in my incubator in Los Altos.  Revel Touch (Mar Hershenson's company: www.reveltouch.com) is another cool company that shares this space.  I'm not joining either one and I don't have any plans to leave Google.  See you on the 27th!

The date in his message refers to the Google IO conference which will be held in San Fransisco from June 27th-29th. The event is likely to reveal more information about what Google has in mind for the future of the Android mobile OS. There are rumors that the event could be the place where the company could show off its own branded Nexus tablet device.

Source: Twitter and Google+

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