Over half a million copies of Fortnite have already been sold

Epic Games' Fortnite may have suffered many years of delays following its original reveal in 2011, but that has not seemed to deter fans from pre-ordering the cooperative survival game in droves.

According to a tweet by the game's creative director Darren Sugg, Fortnite's digital pre-orders were amounting to over 500,000 copies before it launched into early access on July 25. Considering that the game's early access release was announced just last month, this is quite an accomplishment by the developer.

Moreover, in a statement to PCGamesN, the developer said the above number does not take into account the game's retail sales, nor does it include the copies sold after its early access launch. The game's total amount of units sold may be much higher by now.

Although the pre-order period has ended, the game still offers the various game packages for anyone interested in taking part in the early access. There are a total of four editions available for purchase on Epic Games' official website: the $39.99 Standard Edition, $59.99 Deluxe Edition, $89.99 Super Deluxe Edition, and the $149.99 Limited Edition.

Once Fortnite completes its early access period, the game is slated to launch as a free-to-play game sometime in 2018 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Darren Sugg (Twitter) via PCGamesN

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