Overclock your EVGA PC graphics card via smartphone

Normally, if you want to overclock your PC's graphics card, you have to do it directly on the PC. But wouldn't it be cool to be able to adjust your graphics card setting remotely, in real time, without even having to exit an application such as a game? Yes, it would be very cool indeed.

Thankfully, EVGA has something that's right up your alley if you desired something like this feature. It launched its EVGA Precision X app for Android-based devices this week. The free app can be downloaded from the Google Play service. Basically, it turns your Android smartphone into a kind of remote control for your graphics card.

The app requires that your PC has a Bluetooth connection. If your PC rig has that kind of setup, the Precision X app can be used to adjust all kinds of things on the graphics card such as the fan speed, the GPU and memory clock speed and more. This is done via a set of touch-bassed sliders on the app. You can even store profiles on the app that enable the user to launch any combination of overclocked settings.

The coolest thing about the app is that you can even overclock your graphics card without having to leave your application or PC game. You can adjust the settings on the card in real time via a UI placed on top of the screen via the app.

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