P2P flexes muscle after Morpheus fall

The sudden shutdown of the Morpheus network last week has file swappers trolling for new sources of free music--and they're finding plenty of alternatives.

Although Morpheus and rival Kazaa Media Desktop remain the file-swapping tools of choice, a raft of second-tier peer-to-peer products together drew more than 1 million downloads in the past week, according to CNET Download.com, a software aggregation site operated by CNET Networks, publisher of News.com.

Morpheus, a file-trading network from StreamCast Networks, locked out users February 26 after a licensing dispute with its software provider. The company has since released a new version built on open-source Gnutella technology.

StreamCast and several other companies also face a lawsuit from the record and film industries aimed at shutting down file-swapping services. During the case's first hearing Monday, a federal judge ordered the file-swapping companies to stand trial before a jury on copyright infringement.

News source: ZDnet Australia

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