Painkiller 1.61 CPL Patch

Within the largest Painkiller update released, players can look forward to the new CPL dueling maps from Ritual Entertainment, over a half dozen specialty maps and numerous CPL-ready network features. They will also enjoy access to two additional multiplayer modes, Capture the Flag and Last Man Standing, as well as carnage-creating power of the exclusive weaponry offered in Painkiller's Expansion, "Battle Out of Hell."

The update also includes Battle Out of Hell's graphic enhancements, the reworked networking core and a number of fixes for outstanding issues. Utilizing the impressive Havok 2.0 physics engine, Painkiller continues to achieve new heights of physics-based game play while version 1.61 of the proprietary PAIN Engine pumps out an unbelievably high polygon count, and awesome visual effects like heat and haze distortion, per-pixel spectacular mapping, support for NVIDIA's Shader Model 3.0.

Some of the additions:

- NEW: Multiplayer maps: Battle Out of Hell maps included.

- NEW: Multiplayer maps: Ritual CPL Dueling maps included.

- NEW: Multiplayer map: DM_Exmortis included.

- NEW: Multiplayer modes: Capture the Flag and Last Man Standing included.

- NEW: Multiplayer weapons: SMG and Boltgun/Heater included.

- NEW: Custom lscripts.pak (painkiller.exe -lscripts filename.pak).

- NEW: 1.5+ networking core included.

- NEW: 1.5+ graphics engine updated (includes Shader Model 3.0 support).

- NEW: Enhanced server maintenance and configuration tool.

- NEW: Cfg.StartupWeapon (1-7), 0 - start weapon disabled.

- NEW: CPL console lockout option on dedicated servers.

Download: Worthplaying Painkiller 1.61 CPL Patch (338 mb)

Download: 3dgamers Mirror

News source: Worthplaying

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