PAL Gamers to get enhanced versions of SOF

Codemasters has completed the enhanced PAL PlayStation 2 conversions of Soldier of Fortune – Gold and Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. Both titles are licensed from Majesco Sales Inc., publishers of the games' NTSC editions in the US.

"The games look better than their NTSC counterparts," confirms Richard Darling, Codemasters' Creative Director. Key elements of the games' original US code have been reworked to improve the graphics engine and heavily optimise both games' frame rate to help ensure a solid, consistent speed.

"We have taken advantage of the PAL display system to improve texture appearance. With more lines on a PAL television image we've been able to draw the textures in better detail, even close up," says Richard.

"We've also improved the graphics rendering system to heighten the game's appearance overall; edges are more clearly defined, colours are more vibrant and sharper. The game's anti-aliasing has been enhanced to smooth previously jagged edges, especially on static screens."

Both games will launch with Quick Start Guides to complement the training modes and provide easy access to the advanced game controls from the outset

Codemasters will publish Soldier of Fortune – Gold on June 28th with Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force appearing on July 5th

News source: GameFaction

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