Partners and retailers rally apps, support for Vista

With the consumer launch of Windows Vista on the horizon, Microsoft's software and retail partners are preparing for the launch with applications and support for the new OS. Industry watchers and Microsoft customers have expressed concern that many applications won't be available for Vista in time for its launch on Jan. 30. But this week, Microsoft partners of various sizes have stepped forward to back the OS, the first major release of Windows in five years.

For enterprise customers, Attachmate will have its Extra X-treme, version 9 available for Vista when the OS makes its consumer debut. Extra X-treme is a host access product that enables PCs to connect to mainframe systems. Attachmate also plans to make an upcoming terminal emulation product, Reflection 2007, available for Vista when it ships later this year. For small businesses, the latest version of Intuit's popular QuickBooks software, QuickBooks 2007, is available for Vista. QuickBooks is an accounting and financial management suite that includes payroll, credit-card processing, and Web storefront software. Another company, IP Commerce, also will have financial management software for small businesses ready to run on Vista. The company's PASS Commerce Center provides small businesses with protection for their customer data and transactions and helps them manage the finances of the business. Small businesses that run Vista can use the application to view cash flow, present invoices, take new forms of payment, apply for financing and discover new services, IP Commerce said. Other applications that will be available for Vista include FrontRange Solutions's GoldMine suite, a customer relationship management product; Hyperion Solutions' Hyperion System 9 Smart Space, a business intelligence application; and CA's Anti-Virus 2007 security software.

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