PayPal reportedly working on a new app for Windows phones

It's only been a day since PayPal killed off its Windows Phone 8.1 app, but it looks like the company already has something to say about a new app. Users are getting a message that the payments company is working hard on a new app.

It would appear that the message is exclusive to UK users, judging by the URL that it refers to. We downloaded the app and got the standard message that it doesn't work anymore and we should visit

The idea of the firm working on a new app for Windows phones isn't entirely surprising. As we noted back in May, the company had announced that it was killing its Fire OS and BlackBerry apps, and "this version" of its Windows Phone app.

Unfortunately, this is all that we know at the moment. It's entirely possible that PayPal is going down the Universal Windows Platform route - like Wells Fargo - or it could be porting its iOS app like Facebook has done with its recent trio of apps.

Source: Windows Central

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