PC gaming hardware sales will keep on growing

The hardware aspect of PC gaming will continue to gain revenues even in the face of the current economic revenues. Digitimes reports that the latest study on this segment from Jon Peddie Research claims that we will see an annual growth rate of 11 percent for PC gaming-based hardware from now until 2014.

If this prediction does turn out to be true, it shows that gaming is still a huge generator of revenues for PCs as a whole. The world seems to have written off the PC industry as we see more smartphones and tablets taking on tasks that used to be handled by just PCs, including web browsing, writing documents and, yes, even games.

But the truth is that there is a lot of people who prefer to play games on the PC for several reasons. One is that for pure hardware and graphics power, tablets and smartphones simply can't compete with even an entry level gaming PC.

For another, the act of playing games on a portable tablet or a small smartphone is a totally different experience than sitting down in front of a big monitor for hours on end with a keyboard and mouse controlling everything.

Finally, there's the fact that for the most part, you are stuck with a tablet or smartphone's download store or market in order to get new apps or games. The PC remains the most open platform to not only create games but to access and download new games. All these factors will keep the PC as a viable game platform for a long time to come.

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