PDP selling Xbox One Kinect TV mount with 'privacy cover'

Microsoft has stated a number of times that the Kinect sensor included with its upcoming Xbox One console can be turned off completely and that the company will not using collecting information about people who own the console from the device. However, there are always going to be people who are paranoid about having a camera in their living room.

Today, a company called PDP started taking pre-orders for an Xbox One Kinect TV mount.  The main use of the product, which is due for release December 4th for $19.99, is to let Xbox One owners connect their Kinect add-on to a television instead of having it sit on a table or TV cabinet.

However, PDP has also thrown in a "privacy cover" which it says has been made to block the view of view of "both the RGB and IR cameras" on the Kinect. This cover has obviously been made with the purpose of catering to potential Xbox One owners who still want to buy the console but also think they need to keep the Kinect sensors shrouded when not in use. Microsoft is scheduled to launch the Xbox One in 13 markets on November 22nd.

Source: Amazon via Polygon | Image via PDP

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