PGS is a portable dual screen handheld device that is powered by Windows 10 and Android

When it comes to technology, there has always been an underlying obsession to make things smaller and more powerful. While we have seen devices like this before with the GPD WIN, PGS Lab is a company that is trying to take things a step further.

With a dream that looks like it started nearly two years ago, PGS Lab has been developing a handheld with a familiar style and fairly impressive specifications. The firm's website offers a story that starts nearly a year ago, promising that the PGS (Portable Gaming System) will be the "world first portable game console designed for running almost all the PC games". A few months later, a Kickstarter campaign would start, amassing a little over $300,000. While the device certainly was capable of gaining a following, it would also come to attract those that didn't believe in the project. The firm would eventually withdraw its project from the crowd funding website and issue a statement that it would be creating the PGS without the help of a funding campaign.

Over the next several months, the console would begin to take shape, making refinements to the button layout, shoulder buttons, and even dividing the offering to a Lite and Hardcore model. After the initially promised release date passing by, the team at PGS offered an apology and a new date for sometime in Q2 of 2017. As we enter the newly promised time frame, the device looks impressive, as you can see from the specifications below:

Naturally, while this system looks interesting and is certainly aimed at a niche market, one has to always be careful about projects that have floated around on the internet for quite some time. In 2017, PGS has still yet to prove that it is building devices that will be shipped out to believers that spent $800,000 on pre-orders. If you'd like to check out the devices, you can head to the source link below where the PGS Lite can be pre-ordered for $259, the Hardcore for $319, and the latest Titanium model for $599. If you are one that is a bit more cautious, you might want to wait until an official release, as the firm has stated it will offer its device on Amazon and Gearbest.

Source: PGS LAB via Android Authority

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