Phantom Q&A

We speak with the CEO of Infinium Labs to get the latest on the company's Phantom console.

Its physical appearance remains a mystery, but the group at Infinium Labs has been quite vocal about its upcoming console called Phantom. In essence, the Phantom is a PC, and as such, it's capable of playing all existing and future PC games, but the system will have some unique features that will differentiate it not only from the PC market but also from the current console market. We had a chance to speak with Tim Roberts, CEO of Infinium Labs, to get a clear picture of these features as well as other aspects of the company's upcoming product.

GameSpot: Tell us a little about the people behind the Phantom project. What sort of experience do they have in the industry?

Tim Roberts: The management team is very well rounded. It consists of experts in the following fields: networking, managed hosting, software development, customer relations, content acquisition, marketing, and a creative team for each.

GS: With the market being so competitive, what was the motivation for creating the Phantom?

TR: The motivation for Phantom came from placing ourselves into the shoes of gamers themselves. Infinium believes that a system should contain the elements of being all-inclusive, compatible, reliable, and realistic to all the changes taking place every day. The gamers were our motivation. A wider age range was our motivation. The idea that we wanted to make it better and easier for everyone in one package deal was the underlying key motivation.

News source: GameSpot

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