PhishBlock is a security program that detects and blocks Phishing, Pharming, Hacker's C&C(Command and Control) Servers which are located in databases with URLs, DNS hostnames, and IP Addresses. The current version of PhishBlock detects and blocks malware URLs, Hostnames and IP addresses based on databases. It uses very little memory and does not affect network performance or CPU usage. It can be installed and uninstalled safely and quickly. This version of PhishBlock works on Windows XP/Vista/2003/7/8 (x86/x64).

Main Features:

  • Detect/Block Phishing/Malware based on URL.
  • Detect/Block C&C Server (Botnet) based on DNS hostnames & IP Addresses.
  • Detect/Block Fraud/Scam/DDos/Fake Contents based on URL & DNS hostnames.
  • Using Low Memory and barely affects network performance or cpu usage.
  • Define Malware URLs and Hosts by Users.
  • Sharing User Defined Malware URLs and Hosts with other users.
  • Checking out if the shared data is malware or not.
  • Scanning Internet Browser Cache for Malware by Yara Rule (6,000rules).
  • Database Contents (,, etc.):
  • Phishing
  • C&C Servers
  • Fake Content
  • Get Rich Quick Scam
  • Malware
  • Fraud
  • Spam
  • Rogue Pharmacy
  • DDos Service

PhishBlock version 0.9.1 changes:

  • [Added] Defining the malware urls and hosts by users.
  • [Added] Sharing user-defined malware urls and hosts.
  • [Added] Checking out if the shared data is malware or not.
  • [Bug Fixed] MFC problem and windows resizing on win8.1
  • [Bug Fixed] Program Crashing and network disconnection.
  • [Modified] Checking server Time: once/24hour ==> once/1hour

PhishBlock version changes:

  • [Bug Fixed] Crashing problem when updating db with single or double quotation.
  • [Bug Fixed] Crashing problem when detecting/blocking malwares at startup.
  • [Bug Fixed] one of NULL Pointer problem.--> Crahsing problem.

Download: PhishBlock 32-bit | 8.5 MB (Open Source)
Download: PhishBlock 64-bit | 8.8 MB
Link: PhishBlock Home Page | SourceFoge Project Page

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