Pictures of the BlackBerry "Storm 2" surface managed to get themselves some pictures of the successor to the BlackBerry Storm, the BlackBerry Storm 2, codenamed "Oden". This comes just days after Research In Motion's CEO Jim Balsillie confirmed that they were planning the next generation Storm.

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As is apparent from the above pictures, the BlackBerry Storm 2 retains the general appearance of the original Storm, but is much thinner. It features what appears to be touch sensitive controls which replace the hard buttons under the touch screen on the original Storm. It also has a 3.2 MP camera with auto focus. According to Engadget, the pictured model is a GSM version. Unconfirmed features include Wi-Fi, GPS and a supposedly "new approach to text entry".

The original Storm was considered to be a top seller for Verizon. But the handset drew some fierce criticism from the community over its unique touch screen implementation and general usability problems.

Also watch out for the other upcoming BlackBerry handsets: Onyx and Gemini.

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