Play along with 'better-looking' Lara Croft

The latest "Tomb Raider" game has a lot going for it -- a convincing story, game-play elements that are new to the franchise, a beautiful musical score and millions of excited fans that have waited more than three years for a new Lara Croft title.

Unfortunately, this action/adventure suffers from sloppy controls, unwieldy camera angles and frame rate issues that can slow the game to a crawl. The end result is a mediocre title that could've been great with a little more development time.

Darker plot

The game begins in Paris with Lara witnessing the murder of her one-time mentor, Von Croy. The police believe Lara is the killer, so she becomes a fugitive on the run. While eluding the authorities, our heroine must track down Croy's killer. In the process, she uncovers a more disturbing plot involving a secret society and ancient powers that threaten the free world. This macabre tale -- one much darker than previous "Tomb Raider" games -- unfolds like a good novel, with plenty of plot twists and memorable locations and characters.

As "Tomb Raider" series fans know, Lara is an agile explorer who can jump, climb, crawl, roll, swim, shoot weapons and shimmy across ledges. "Angel of Darkness" adds a few new moves, such as hand-to-hand combat, and stealthy maneuvers such as sneaking up on unsuspecting enemies, or standing flat against a wall before peeking around a corner.

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