Players survive Diablo III in Hardcore Inferno mode

If you've been playing Diablo III for a while, you might've noticed that after completing the game in Normal, Nightmare and Hell modes, you unlocked the Inferno difficulty setting. If you're brave enough, you might've also tried to play the game in Hardcore mode, which means permadeath, in the classic roguelike tradition. If you're both brave and crazy, you might've tried playing Hardcore under Inferno.

Two players, Kripp and Krippi, decided to do just that, and they managed to make it all the way through the game in the most difficult way imaginable – all without a single death, by the way – and defeated Diablo himself. Blizzard community manager Bashiok confirmed the event via Twitter, and a lengthy video of their battle with Diablo is available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Nice going, guys!

Via: IGN

Source: Twitter | YouTube

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