Playing games with your pee...?

Potty training children (especially boys) is a difficult and potentially messy proposition.  One technique that parents have used through the years is to throw a few Cheerios in the toilet bowl and encourage the boy to aim at the floating oats.

Now, according to, SEGA Japan is making the experience high-tech and available to both children and adults alike with their new “Toylets male urinal video game.”  Sensors are installed at the back of the urinal in order to measure the strength and location of the stream, and the interaction is reflected on an LCD monitor attached to the top of the urinal.

The Toylet has four different games to choose from, ranging from weird to crazy.  The basic game simply measures the amount of urine produced and is hardly a game at all.  Another game allows the user to use their pee to clean graffiti off of a wall by aiming the stream.  Things get more bizarre with the next game whereby the harder you pee, the more wind is generated to blow a girl’s virtual skirt up.

However the craziest of the choices is called, “Milk from Nose,” where you try to pee as hard as possible in order to blow milk out of a character’s nose and knock your opponent out of the ring. While that initially may sound as bad as the other choices, the crazy part is that it takes your flow and uses it as the competition for the next person to use the Toylet. That makes this urinal game a pseudo MMORPG.

The urinal also has a USB port to save your data, but it's not clear what data that is for and who would actually want to use it.

How would you react if you saw this urinal at the local bar? Would you try to knock the previous guy out of the ring or go to a different establishment?

Image Credit: SEGA Japan

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