PlayStation 3 overtakes Xbox 360 worldwide according to analysts

Despite leading the way in America, an independent report has stated that the global PlayStation 3 install base has finally overtaken that of the Xbox 360, leaving Microsoft in last place on the console leaderboard.

The article posted on Gamasutra goes on to state that Nintendo’s Wii console still holds first place with 75.5 million active units around the world, while the PlayStation 3 has garnered 43.4 million with the Xbox 360 just behind at 42.9 million units.

As mentioned in the article, it seems that it is the Xbox 360’s weaker performance in both Asia and Europe has held the Microsoft based console back from overtaking Sony’s PlayStation 3 worldwide, this despite it being a cheaper option to many.

Strategy Analytics Digital Consumer Practice analyst Jia Wu stated that “While the Kinect peripheral has given a boost to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 strategy, the console’s performance outside of the U.S. continues to disappoint” Wu also went on to say that global sales of the PlayStation 3 have outstripped the Xbox 360 two years in a row.

In North America, Microsoft has the edge thanks to sales of 25.4 million units when compared to the 15.4 million that Sony’s PlayStation 3 has built up, but in Europe the roles are reversed with Sony leading with 14.7 million while Microsoft is just behind with 13.7 million sales.

Despite the highly successful Kinect for Xbox 360 launch, new titles have been holding back the buzz, though Microsoft stated back in March that new “hardcore” titles were on the way.

Price drops for both consoles are expected at some point this year and surprisingly it could be Microsoft who will be the first to do so, something many would not have expected to happen. Despite the PlayStation 3 still remaining expensive in the eyes of some gamers, the boost from Blu-Ray sales and the recent 3D update could have helped sales over the past year.

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