PlayStation 4 5.50 update now live, adds parental controls, better organization, and more

Sony has announced the big 5.50 update is now ready to install for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) following its recent beta. The update comes in at 460 MB and makes several changes to the system, adding functionality such as parental control, as well as a few fun items like the ability to add custom wallpapers via USB, and supersampling with the beefier PS4 Pro.

Adding custom wallpapers - Download a picture onto your USB drive in a folder named "images", navigate to the pathway on your console, then crop your picture to your liking. You can review the video below for further detail.

Playtime management - PS4 now gives you the means to control how much game time your family and children might be getting. You can set specific times and limits for when gaming can be accessed to help limit access for kids. This feature can also be accessed via a smartphone or tablet for monitoring on the go.

Library Organization - For those with large libraries of games and apps, navigating has become much easier. You can now organize the games you own and the games that are installed as well as view what games you have obtained through Sony's PlayStation Plus program.

Quick Menu and Notifications - This sees some enhancements for easily contacting online friends and sending messages during game play with less menus to go through. You also can now remove old notifications to help organize what you see.

Tournament Page - This has been improved to allow customization of your team logo, name, background and to filter through events that interest your team.

Playstation VR Icon - There's now a a Playstation VR (PSVR) icon by each game title that supports the PSVR headset, letting you know if the title can be experienced virtual reality.

Supersampling Mode - Your PS4 Pro can now be enabled so all games output at a higher resolution, which for many PS4 Pro enhanced titles is above 1080p, and up to 2160p. A boost in clarity, sharper details and less jaggedness are some of the benefits to this.

The update is available to download and install via the prompt offered upon booting up the console, or through the navigation (Settings > System Software Update > Install the Latest Firmware).

Source: Playstation

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