Point of View GeForce 6600 GT Review

I got this in my mail this morning and thought it could be interesting for some of us that don't have big bucks to spend on a powerhouse GFX card, heres a snip from the review, enjoy!

Being a reviewer, it is sometimes easy to forget that not everyone can afford all those high-end cards that we get to review. Not everyone wants to spend as much on a video card as they do on the rest of the system. NVIDIA and ATI of course know that and have released a bunch of low and mid-end cards catering for every size of wallet.

Today, I am reviewing one of these cards, the Point of View 6600 GT, a mid-level card using the NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT chipset.

View: Point of View GeForce 6600 GT Review @ Bjorn3D

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