Poll: What do you think the Windows Threshold retail name will be?

Microsoft is diligently working on the next version of Windows - codenamed 'Threshold' - and the company loves to talk about it too. Although they rarely provide any new details, we do know that the Start menu will come with the updated OS and there will be other UI enhancements as well.

Despite numerous details being leaked, one big question remains: what will Threshold actually be called? The logical assumption is that it will be called 'Windows 9', but Microsoft could pull another name out of its marketing bucket too. Names like 'Windows 8.1 Update 3' have popped up along with 'Windows 8.2'. The company could take Windows in a new direction and call it Windows One, which would fit with naming convention of the Xbox One and OneDrive.

We will likely hear the name later this year as a preview release has been rumored, along with the retail release sometime in 2015. While we wait for Microsoft to come forward with its plans, let us know in the poll below what you think Windows Threshold will be called.


What will Threshold be called?

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