Poll: Who had the better E3 keynote, Microsoft or Sony?

Both Microsoft and Sony have now executed their E3 2014 keynote but we are curious what you, our dear readers, think about both press events. Microsoft's strategy was all about games, games, and more games and only a small bit of content for the Kinect. Sony pushed games heavily as well but showed off new hardware in the form of a white PS4 and a new streaming box that will start at $99.

Microsoft played its press event much more conservatively than last year and Sony continued its aggressive push to sell more consoles. Ultimately, the consumer wins as they have two great choices for next gen hardware, the PS4 and the Xbox One. While the Wii U is considered next gen hardware, it has been struggling to compete against the others in the market.

So, from your perspective, who had the better show? Cast a vote in the poll below and head to the comments to tell us why you voted they way you did.

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