Poof, in 30 minutes Toys'R'Us sells all Xboxes

Leading retailer Toys R Us said on Wednesday that its online store sold out its first batch of XBox video game units in 30 minutes on Tuesday.

Toysrus.com and its online partner Amazon.com began preselling the new XBox video game console this week, but only in a bundle for $200 above the suggested retail price.

The XBox will be available at retail outlets on Nov. 8 with a suggested price of $299. However, Amazon and Toysrus.com sell the XBox for $499 with a number of games and accessories included.

A spokesman for Toysrus.com said that its entire batch sold out online in about 30 minutes, but would not disclose exactly how many such bundled units had been sold. He said the next pre-sale offer opens Sept. 11. They also said that the console will only be available bundled with the accessories, and not as a stand-alone unit.

Microsoft, in a statement have said that the bundled packages are to include one Microsoft game and two games by outside developers, and one peripheral device. Retailers that sell that bundle get to display a logo saying they are a certified XBox merchant, in addition to the extra marketing support.

News source: Reuters

View: Xbox Premier Pack @ $499 (via Amazon and Toys R Us)

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