Portal 2 to feature motion controls

This was a triumph!  I’m making a note here, huge success!  It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction!

CES is full of gadgets, but software tidbits are available as well and today there was a big one on display.  Portal 2, the sequel to one of the top puzzle games ever made, was on display at the Intel press conference at CES today and attendees were able to see the game being played with the Razer Sixense controllers. This device was first announced at CES 2010, but little information has been released since that time

1up.com has a video on their site showing Portal 2 being used with the new system, and it looks like the controls fit the game perfectly.  The presenter talks about the Razer being an extension of your hand and in the video the user pushes his hand forward and throws an object, as well as manipulating objects in the game. If the demo is any indication, it appears that the Sixense is ready for prime time and could be an interesting entry into the motion controller scene.

There is still no official release date or pricing for the PC-centric controller nor is there word from Valve on whether Portal 2 will work with the Playstation 3’s Move system or with the Xbox 360’s Kinect system.

Oh, and the cake is a lie.

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