Postbox 6.0.10 [Update]


Postbox is a slick, modern-looking email client that provides a rich set of tools to help you get more from your messages. Postbox helps you make the most of your email, offering powerful new ways to find, use, and view email messages and content, organize your work life, and get stuff done.

Postbox features include:

  • All Your Accounts in One Place -- Postbox Account Groups let's you organize accounts into groups.
  • Conversations Views — just like Gmail.
  • Postbox Topics — this takes tagging to a whole new level.
  • Great Gmail Support — labels, important, send, archive, shortcuts and the calendar!
  • Cloud File Sharing add-on enables you to send links to your Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive files instead of sending the files themselves.
  • Responses are pre-canned text/HTML snippets that can be reused within message replies.
  • Social Media Integration — update your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn status as well as auto-import profile photos for prettier email.
  • RSS and Newsgroup Support
  • Identities (also known as Aliases)
  • Date, address, phone number, and package tracking number detection
  • Full Suite of Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Anti-Tracking -- To protect your privacy, Postbox 5 has a new Anti-Tracking feature that will alert you when tracking tools are used within a message.
  • Includes 70 professionally written email responses that anyone can customize and use.
  • Postbox now includes 25 Beautifully Designed Email Signaturesthat will present you in the best light possible.
  • Access and manage POP and IMAP email accounts
  • ...and much, much more.

Postbox 6.0.9 changelog:

  • Added more contextual menu options for closed conversation summary rows
  • Improvements to notification sound options on macOS
  • Added Saved/Smart Folder command for Local Accounts
  • Preferences can now be opened from the Compose window
  • Switched storage format for IMAP accounts from maildir to mbox
  • Fixed an issue that prevented conversation count bubbles and dates from appearing in the message list
  • Fixed addressing to sub-groups from macOS
  • Fixed issues related to sending message content to OmniFocus
  • Fixed an issue that could alter the display of message content after zooming in or out
  • Fixed safemode title on Windows shortcut icon
  • Fixed an issue with encoding in the Bcc header
  • Fixed "Save as" and "Print" commands when multiple messages are selected
  • Fixed an issue that caused Saved/Smart Folders to display the wrong unread message count
  • Fixed an issue that could cause content in the message list to be obscured
  • Fixed an issue with the Account Wizard that could prevent account set up
  • Fixed the display of preferences for localized versions
  • Fixed an issue with the migration of folder names if they contained a hashtag
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent editing of contacts on Windows
  • Fixed several crashing bugs

NOTE: Postbox 6.0.9 requires that your IMAP messages be re-downloaded from the server and re-indexed, which could take some time depending on the size of your mail databases. Please update at a time that is convenient for you.

Postbox 6.0.10 changelog:

  • Fixed a regression on macOS that prevented profiles with Master Passwords from starting
  • Made Preferences window slightly wider on macOS
  • Reply headers in Quote mode now contain the date and time

Download: Postbox 6.0.10 | 45.2 MB (Shareware)
Links: Postbox Home Page | Postbox for macOS | Screenshot

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