HTML5 pushed back until 2014

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HTML5 has had a big adventure so far in getting standards down, including what the official video technology will be. Microsoft used many HTML5 examples to demo the Internet Explorer 9 Beta, and other browsers...


Kindle update to add real page numbers

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When Amazon first introduced the Kindle, in addition to changing the way the eBook market worked, they also added a new way to mark your location in a book using something called "locations." Locations were...


Mozilla blocks Skype toolbar in Firefox

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Mozilla has seen some shocking statistics regarding the ever-growing internet phone application, Skype. When Skype is installed, it also will include an extension for Firefox to help integrate some features into web pages. This is...


Spotify closing in on U.S.

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Spotify, the free on-demand music streaming service which has been loved by the few who have access to it may finally be reaching the United States after closing a deal with record company giant, Sony. Spotify...


Microsoft gets Kinect ready for the PC

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During Microsoft's keynote at CES this year, Ballmer mentioned that the company would be bringing support for the Xbox 360 motion controller, Kinect, to PCs "in the right time." This comes in response partly, and...


More Hotmail woes: access denied

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Microsoft's email service, Hotmail, has rang in the New Year with a few show-stopping issues. Right on the turning of 2010 to 2011, users all over were experiencing loss of their emails and even receiving...


Nintendo 3DS can damage a child's eyes

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It seems that today everything is in 3D -- movies, television, console games, and now handheld games. Even though a decent percent of the population gets discomfort after viewing 3D content, technology and entertainment companies...


Google refreshes their UI

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Google is known for sporadically rolling out new updates or test changes to the user interface for their search engine. Recently, the search giant has added something a little extra to their web page regarding...


AT&T looks to 4G with Qualcomm deal

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As mobile phone companies Verizon and Sprint move closer to offering a 4G connection to their customers, AT&T seemed to be left in the dust until recently. AT&T announced today that the company has agreed...


McDonald's customer database hacked

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Following the previous week of DDoS attacks and the database leak of Gawker, McDonald's has fallen victim to a similar fate. McDonald's is now warning customers that signed up for any promotions or registered at...


Gawker source code and database leaked

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Today, technology media giant Gawker, that runs sites including Gizmodo and Lifehacker, has had their source code and databases leaked to a popular torrent website. Gawker issued in a statement to anyone who has an account...


Firefoxes are real, Mozilla has some

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Mozilla has launched a new marketing approach to promote their upcoming release of Firefox 4. The company has been adopting red pandas at the Knoxville Zoo and putting live webcams up to let users all...


AVG update sends computers into limbo

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On Wednesday night AVG pushed an update for its popular anti-virus product, however instead of enhancing and correcting bugs for the program, it left 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Vista inoperable. The update (3292) when...


Wikileaks loses Amazon home

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Just yesterday, the controversial site WikiLeaks that is leaking US Government intelligence, was reported to have been a victim of Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on Sunday, and that they would then move to Amazon's...

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Opening Pandora's music box

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As the internet becomes more readily available, users are finding new ways to discover music. Digital music stores like iTunes or Zune Marketplace have helped provide a service to allow people to purchase individual tracks...

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