Comodo SSL certificates compromised

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Whenever you visit a secure website (HTTPS) your browser verifies that site is properly secured based on the sites certificate. If the site doesn't have a valid certificate, most browsers make it pretty clear that...


Target stores moving to Microsoft's Hyper-V

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In the enterprise virtualization world VMWare is the dominant force but companies like Microsoft have been working to change the virtual world. With acquisitions and improvements in their software and licensing structure Microsoft's Hyper-V has...


Bing: Setting the record straight

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In a blog post Yusuf Mehdi, Senior Vice President of the Online Services Division wants to set the record straight between Bing and Google. During Farsight 2011, an event sponsored by Bing, Google questioned Microsoft...

http://www.neowin.net/images/uploaded/box Review

Hands on with the Boxee Box

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With more and more content becoming available online, many consumers are looking for a way to get that content into their living room. Some consumers are even looking to replace their costly cable subscription with...


Google opens their eBookstore

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Google has finally opened the Google eBookstore offering a little more competition in the ebook space. Google executives describe the store as an "open ecosystem" with millions of free and paid books from over 4000...


A history of viruses on the Mac

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Yesterday we wrote about why it might be a good idea to use anti-virus on your Mac; it helps prevent the spread of viruses to Windows computers. That doesn't mean that there aren't viruses on...


Microsoft announces new gaming hub

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Microsoft announced a new gaming hub that connects their three major social gaming portals. They are calling it the Microsoft Game Hub, and it is a combination of MSN Games, Bing Games and Windows Live...

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