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Review: Mango Languages

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If you're looking to learn a new language, you'll know that there are a heap of options. Mango Languages takes a different approach to learning by focusing on conversations. So how well does it work?

Amazon's Kindle hits Windows Phone 7

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Australian blogger and technology enthusiast Chris Walsh noticed (and tweeted) moments ago that Amazon’s extremely popular Kindle client is now available for WP7. The application is already available on most other smartphone platforms, and whilst...


Hotmail email issues 'now resolved'

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It's official, straight from the Windows Live Blog. Your Hotmail issues have now been resolved. For those of you that missed it: from 30 December 2010, 17,355 Hotmail accounts were impacted when the Hotmail servers...

White iPhone 4 due 'Spring 2011'

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We all knew that the mystical white iPhone 4 was eventually going to show up, it's just been a matter of when. Now we have a semi-official timeframe for this release. 9to5mac has spotted an...

Nokia 'reabsorbs' Symbian

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It’s been just 18 months since Nokia first set the Symbian foundation free under a non-profit banner, and now it looks like Symbian is coming home. The move won’t surprise many, especially with the recent...

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