Google debuts Groupon competitor

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It has certainly been a busy week for many companies. At this week's D9 conference, many of them unveiled exciting new products and services. Google, certainly among the top companies attending, has announced that it...


Custom backup utility for WP7 available

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With the release of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft sought to improve the Windows phone experience by making it more finger friendly, and much easier to use than previous iterations. However, in the drive to simplify,...


WordPress gives IE6 the boot!

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It seems like yesterday when Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 garnered over 90% of the browser marketshare, and Firefox was in its infancy. But those weren't the good old days -- there were many security...


Apple Mac OS X Lion DP3 available

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While Microsoft is developing Windows 8, Apple is also developing its latest iteration of Mac OS X, Lion. Arriving via the Software Update tool, Developer Preview 3 brings several changes, including a new logon...


Windows 8 Build 8005 compiled?

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Despite our earlier speculation that build 8000 would signify the beginning of Beta for Windows 8, we have unconfirmed reports that Build 8005 has been compiled. Further adding to the mystery, we're unsure if...


Google ranked highest in reputation survey

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According to a recent polling of 30,000 Americans by Harrison Interactive, Google has the best reputation among 60 well-known companies. This poll occurs once per year, and consists of several dimensions which Harris Interactive compiles...


Ubuntu 11.04 Released

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For those of you watching Ubuntu's website recently, you may have noticed a new version of the popular and easy to use Linux distribution has surfaced. It can be downloaded from the previously linked site...

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