Wikipedia rolling out new look and features

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Originally announced back in March of this year, Wikipedia today announced plans to roll out a new theme and several new features to improve the usability of the site. In brief, the main things that will...


Highly critical Safari vulnerability published

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Secunia last week published a new vulnerability affecting Apple’s desktop Safari browser. The new exploit can be used by malicious users to execute arbitrary code on the system and is deemed to be “highly critical”....


Android OS overtakes iPhone OS in the U.S.

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The NPD Group on Monday announced that Google’s Android operating system has overtaken Apple’s iPhone in total US smartphone market share. Sourcing the latest sales figures from the first quarter of 2010, Android OS powered...


Steve Jobs comments on iPad pricing and printing

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Apple last week announced the international availability of the iPad and with it came some early disappointment as the prices were seemingly much higher than what US customers were paying. Several dismayed MacRumors readers sent...


Archos to ship first Android tablet for $200

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Archos on Thursday officially announced their upcoming Android-powered tablet, the Archos 7. Running a custom version of Android 1.6 on a seven inch widescreen display, the new device is slated for launch this May 17...


Android ported to the iPhone 3G

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The team that initially brought the first successful port of Android for the first generation iPhone has now done the same for the iPhone 3G. David Wang posts on PC World that although their latest...


iPad eating away at netbook sales?

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A new report from Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty is showing how Apple’s new iPad is progressively cannibalizing low-cost netbook sales. Sourcing information from both the NPD and Morgan Stanley Research, the report illustrates how...


Google rolls out new design

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Google on Wednesday announced the release of their latest homepage and search design. The new “metamorphosis” reveals a cleaner page design with a left-aligned navigation pane and a brand new logo. The new left-hand navigation...


Apple being targeted for a new patent lawsuit

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California-based NetAirus Technologies LLC is pursuing a patent infringement case against Apple and its iPhone. The Loop reports that the company filed with the US District Court of California’s Western Division last Friday, contending that...


Google Mail to become Gmail in the UK

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Google on Monday announced that they will soon start offering their @gmail.com address to residents in the UK again. Previously, UK registrations were only allowed an @googlemail.com address. UK residents who currently have a @googlemail.com address...


Twitter for Android released

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Twitter on Friday announced the availability of their official client for the Android platform. Available on the Android Market today, the new app was developed in cooperation with Google’s Android team and sports the strong integration...


HP Slate cancelled?

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Today has not been good to tablet devices. After Microsoft announces the end of their Courier project, TechCrunch reveals that sources close to HP are now saying that their upcoming HP Slate has also been...


Microsoft cancels Courier project

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Microsoft has canceled their internal Courier project, according to sources close with the project. Gizmodo reports that CEO Steve Ballmer put the brakes on the project this past Wedensday. The innovative new tablet concept gained internet...


'Thoughts on Flash', by Steve Jobs

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In a surprise move, Steve Jobs on Thursday posted an open letter on Apple’s home page concerning Flash, HTML5, and the future. Jobs states that though Adobe and Apple have been close partners since the...


Youtube rolling out new player design

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Though an official announcement hasn’t been made by either Youtube or their parent company Google, the video sharing site has started to roll out a new design for its video player today. Following this month’s earlier...


Apple announces WWDC 2010

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Apple announced on Wednesday that this year’s World Wide Developers Conference will take place in San Francisco from June 7 to 11. Held annually in the summer by Apple, the conference targets iPhone and Mac...


Firefox for Android pre-alpha released

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Mozilla today put out a very early look at Firefox for Android. Code named “Fennec”, today’s pre-alpha release was put together by a group of Mozilla developers mainly for testing and feedback purposes. Thus far it...


Chrome gets desktop notifications through WebKit

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Through Webkit’s new draft notification API, Chrome now has support for text and HTML desktop notifications. Posted on his blog, Mohit Muthanna outlines how developers can now incorporate native desktop notifications into their web-based software....


Apple buys another mobile chip designer

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The New York Times have confirmed with Apple that they have indeed finalized a deal to acquire mobile chip maker Intrinsity for $121 million. Located in Austin, Texas, Intrinsity specializes in creating high performance chips with...


New Core i7 MacBook Pros reach 100 °C

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Apple finally put out new MacBook Pros earlier this month, but the launch with Intel’s latest processors hasn’t come without a few problems. PC Authority’s hands on testing with the new 17” MacBook Pro found...


Hulu to start $10 subscription service

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Sources close to Hulu are reporting that the video streaming company is gearing up for a new subscription service to launch on May 24. The new paid service, named Hulu Plus, would provide customers with...


Apple seeking to acquire ARM? [Updated]

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Reports are floating that Apple is interested in making an offer to buy out mobile chip maker ARM. The London Standard Evening claims that rumors within the financial markets in London are pointing to a...


This is what a single tweet looks like

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Twitter users are limited to posting 140 characters for each tweet. The average Twitter user wouldn’t think much else goes into posting a short sentence to the social networking site, but in reality, much more...


Screenshots of Steam for Mac emerge [Updated]

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While Steam for Mac is currently under private testing, it hasn’t stopped a few from grabbing some screenshots of the new content distribution service. MacStories has the full scoop of how Mac users will install...


Screenshots of new UI concepts for Firefox 4

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It’s no secret that Mozilla is planning some major UI overhauls for their next major release of Firefox. The new theme is designed to reflect a modernized web browser to illustrate its “power, simplicity, and...

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Microsoft Courier coming in 2011

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An early report from the New York Times claims that Microsoft is aiming for a 2011 release for their famed Courier tablet. Engineers familiar with the device state that though they are targeting for an...


Facebook Lite discontinued

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Facebook today announced through their fan page they have discontinued the “Lite” version of the site: Thanks to everyone who tried out Facebook Lite. We're no longer supporting it, but learned a lot from the...

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