Valve announces first Portal 2 DLC

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Valve has officially announced today the first downloadable content for its puzzle-platform hit Portal 2. The add-on will feature "new test chambers for players, leaderboards, challenge mode for single and multiplayer modes, and more." The announcement...

Anonymous targets Sony over GeoHot suit

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Online hacktivist group Anonymous has set it sights on Sony in retaliation for the company's legal pursuit of two PlayStation 3 hackers. This marks a continuation of Operation Payback, which first gained momentum after targeting... Logo_thumb.jpg

Valve announces "big picture" mode for Steam

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Speaking at this week's Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, Valve announced plans for a "big picture" mode for its Steam digital distribution platform. Speaking briefly about the forthcoming feature, the Seattle firm said that it... 3._thumbjpg

Killzone 3 leaks to the web

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More bad news for video game developers and publishers. According to the folks over at Destructoid, reports are coming in that a pre-release version Killzone 3 has surfaced on torrent sites nearly 10 days before... Movie Audience_thumb.jpg

Call of Duty: Black Ops features 3D support

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According to Kotaku, Activision has announced that Call of Duty: Black Ops will feature support for stereoscopic 3D visuals on 3D-ready HDTVs and Nvidia 3D Vision-ready PCs that use active shutter 3D glasses. The first-person shooter's... 4 Dead 2_thumb.jpg

Left 4 Dead's "The Sacrifice" is out

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Francis, Zoey, Bill and Louis are back in an all-new, zombie-infused campaign. "The Sacrifice" tells the story of the last Left 4 Dead 2 expansion, "The Passing", from the perspective of the original survivors. Players... Conversation View_thumb.jpg

Gmail threading gets kill switch

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Google announced today the ability to disable Gmail's email threading (conversation view) feature. Conversation view has been one of its most hotly debated features since the service launched in 2004. With more corporations and large organizations... PlayStation Portable_thumb.jpg

Rumor: Sony gearing up for PSP2 launch

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According to Develop, Sony has begun distributing PlayStation Portable 2 development kits to a number of key studios throughout the video game industry. The handheld appears to have received a much-needed hardware upgrade, with sources... Transit Maps_thumb.jpg

Bing Maps launches transit directions

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Commuters can now use Bing Maps to find transit routes around major metropolitan areas in the United States and Canada. The announcement was first made today on the official Bing Blog. The transit directions will initially... Wood_thumb.jpg

Gamers unite to help grieving widow

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While the international gaming community may be spread across multiple continents and platforms, complete strangers were recently able to put aside their differences and unite towards a common goal of kindness. The wife of video game... of the Rings_thumb.jpg

Lord of the Rings Online goes free-to-play

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The wonders of Middle-earth can now be accessed for free. Following in the footsteps of its fantasy MMO predecessor Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited, developer Turbine Entertainment has opened the gates to Lord of... Effect 2_thumb.jpg

BioWare reveals Mass Effect 2 player stats

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Casey Hudson, Mass Effect Project Director, has revealed some interesting statistics about the RPG sequel Mass Effect 2. BioWare, like many other developers, collects data anonymously to observe in-game player behavior. BioWare placed various hooks into...


North Korea makes Twitter debut

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In a move that's sure to have the world scratching its head, the secretive nation of North Korea is the newest member of Twitter. North Korea has begun micro-blogging under the name @uriminzok, stepping up...

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