Amazon Cloud Drive: First Look

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Apple may have dominated the digital music sales world since MP3 became a household name, but Amazon is clearly ready to compete with Cupertino. Preempting Google’s attempt at implementing a similar idea in its own...


Nokia changes its font

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Nokia has been in the cell phone business for a long time. It is a very easily recognized brand, and that was one of the reasons Microsoft was so intent on working with them to...


iOS 4.3.1 released

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Apple released iOS 4.3.1 to users today. The software is available through the typical iTunes delivery method. The update has not been available for Verizon CDMA customers yet. The update addresses some minor bugs and...


T-Mobile and Sprint in merger talks

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The two underdogs in the US carrier wars, T-Mobile and Sprint, may be joining forces. According to Bloomberg’s “people with knowledge of the matter”, Sprint and Deutsche Telekom have been in talks to make T-Mobile...


Rumor: Dell might buy AMD

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AMD shares were up 5% yesterday based on a rumor that the company could be up for sale, according to ZDnet. The possibility that AMD would be available for purchase, and that Dell may be...


Microsoft to enable IPv6 on Bing

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After the IANA finally distributed the last of the available IPv4 addresses to RIRs, Microsoft is announcing that they will be officially rolling out IPv6 functionality for Bing.com on World IPv6 day on June 8,...


Xbox 360 upgrade 2.5: Modders beware

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Microsoft released an update to the Xbox 360 today in an attempt to appease users of boot-to-disc functionality, while also improving their anti-piracy efforts against modders. The update, which has been dubbed “anti-piracy update 2.5”...


Intel releases a much smaller SSD

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In another announcement that foreshadows the impending doom of the Hard Drive, Intel has created an SSD in a smaller form factor than any previously released model. The product, Intel’s Solid State Drive 310 Series,...

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