Skype fires back: Fring is lying

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Yesterday, we reported that Fring, the popular social communications app that enabled VoIP voice calling as well as video chat to Fring, Skype, and other contacts in various social networks, was in legal trouble. After...


Google is staying in China, for now

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Google's presence in China has been a almost never ending controversy over censorship, social responsibility, and human rights. It was always a struggle to try and keep up with China's complicated and sometimes intrusive legislation...

Skype to release SkypeKit SDK today

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Skype, the venerable voice chat/VoIP solution that has graced the desktops of millions, has been trying to explore other markets as of late. Verizon has their Skype app for Android phones, and Neowin previously reported...


PSP 2 possibly coming to E3 2010

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Sony is gearing up for a big PSP overhaul. After losing a lot of steam to other mobile gaming platforms like Nintendo's DS series and the proliferation of smartphones capable of downloadable casual gaming, Sony...


Hulu coming to Xbox Live?

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While Microsoft's E3 2010 offering will undoubtedly focus on Project Natal and expanding the life span of its flagship gaming console, it seems like Hulu might grab some time in the limelight. Gearlive, citing a...


Best Buy slashes Kin pricing

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Microsoft's Kin series of phones has had a rough infancy. Its initial reviews were anything but praiseworthy, and the only feature that everyone could agree was nice was the Studio cloud-based content backup service, which...


Google vs. Hulu: can it be avoided?

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Google and Hulu may be two totally separate and different companies, but they do share one important trait: they don't mind picking a fight. Starting with search, Google pushed and shoved its way into many...


HP Slate to run WebOS, or not.

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After the release of the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi, along with the critically acclaimed Palm WebOS, there were all kinds of unanswered questions about the products' future after Palm was bought out by HP....

Diaspora*: The successor to Facebook?

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To say that Facebook has been under a lot of flak lately is quite an understatement. After being criticized from every direction over its privacy policy and options, and even holding a company-wide emergency meeting...

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