PowerVR Series8XE Plus is a VR-capable GPU for low to mid-range Android devices

Imagination Technologies has produced the PowerVR Series8XE Plus GPU, with the aim of installing it in Android phones priced between $200 and $400. The development of the GPU is significant because while the number of Daydream-ready devices is growing, the list typically consists of more expensive devices.

If you were hoping to get your hands on a device with this GPU in 2017 you’ll be disappointed as it won’t appear until 2018. When it does finally arrive, low-end devices using the chip will be able to handle full HD video at 60 frames per second.

The GPU will bring some non-VR enhancements too. The Series8XE Plus will bring better performance for gaming and video, it’s four times faster than its predecessor the Series8XE. The chip includes high-dynamic range (HDR) which adds depth to the quality of colours and pictures and will subsequently render much better pixels. The GPU also has image recognition and visual computing support and works with machine-learning frameworks such as Caffe and TensorFlow.

Imagination Technologies has been losing out to rivals such as Qualcomm in recent years. With the new chip, it hopes it can claw back market share in the low-end sector especially.

Source: PC World

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