Pre-orders open for "infinite" usb memory drive

Earlier this year at CES in January, Infinitec, a company based in Dubai, showed a USB looking device said to be able to have "infinite" space for people to store their files on. They now have announced that the device is currently available for pre-order.

Ahmad Zahran, Chief Executive Officer at Infinitec said, "We've been waiting for this day for a long time and preparing very hard for it. We're extremely excited to finally be offering such a revolutionary product to the market and we hope that customers will get a sense on how much hard work has been put into it, especially into making something this complex and innovative as simple and easy to use as an MP3 player."

The device called the "Infinite USB Memory Device" or IUM for short, is going to be the first consumer electronic product to offer Dual-WiFi as a 'core' feature. It enables the ability for a device to connect to two separate Wi-Fi networks simultaneously. This allows the user to connect to both their home/office computer and the Internet without disabling their connection.

"Dual-WiFi is something that has been attempted by a few companies but never has it been done like this before," said David McKern, Chief Marketing Officer at Infinitec. "We've been able to alter the DNA of Wi-Fi networks, so to speak, to create a unique solution that gives our customers a complete and seamless experience. Without Dual-WiFi the user would have had to choose between connecting to the Internet or using the IUM and this was not something we wanted for our customers."

The device is capable of some interesting features, including being able to transfer all sorts of files to other machines in your home; it's possible to plug it into your HDTV or Blu-ray player in order to stream PC content. The company's goal was to make other devices, may they be computers, or TVs, think that this was just one giant flash drive, with gigabytes upon gigabytes of media right on the drive.

Available for pre-order here, it is priced at $129, and if you pre-order IMU, you will get free shipping to where ever you may live in the world. The company is saying that they will be ship all orders on August 31st.

Source: Engadget

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