Privacy issue hits Windows Media

Hmm, thanks IBElite for the heads up on this one, seems that WMP8 likes to keep a history of your streaming behavior on the net too.

Fron MSNBC: Privacy expert Richard Smith Tuesday warned that Microsoft Corp. has implemented a feature in its Windows Media Player that could be used to track Internet users while they surf. Smith termed the feature a "SuperCookie," but added that it currently doesn't pose much risk to Internet users. Microsoft admits the feature could be used for malicious tracking, but several months ago updated Media Player to allow users to turn off the feature.

Still, the existence of the ID number is a concern for privacy advocates — particularly because it's turned on by default.

Windows Media Player by default apparently issues users an ID number, which is even worse than a cookie in terms of being able to track movements online. So far, no sites seem to be using the tracking, but that can change quickly.

Because Windows Media Player is bundled with the Windows operating systems, experts say you "can definitely now track 95 percent of all home users across their every site visit on the Internet."

News source: Privacy issue hits Windows Media - MSNBC

Neowin Tip: Turn off tracking by opening Windows Media Player, go to Tools > Options and unselect the option: Allow internet sites to uniquely identify your player click OK

News source: - BugTraq and updated info here (posted earlier today)

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