Pro-Boards debuts keyboard specifically designed for lawyers

Brian Potts, a partner at international law firm Perkins Coie, has debuted his LegalBoard - a keyboard designed specifically for lawyers. The LegalBoard, which can toggle between a legal mode and standard mode with a single button, has a retail price of $65. .

Potts was prompted to design his profession-specific keyboard after his frustration at not being able to use specific shortcuts in word processing required in his field. . Legal professionals often need to access footnotes, change line spacing and consult the character map for niche symbols. This keyboard is designed to speed up this process and increase productivity, which may be useful for anyone who deals with text documents on a regular basis.

According to Law Sites, Potts has developed a keyboard - along with a team of engineers - that has single keys for the following functions.

  • Insert a footnote or comment with a key stroke, type whatever you want in the footnote or comment, then toggle back to your place in the main body of the document without taking your hands off of the keyboard.

  • Turn track changes on and off.

  • Use the find function.

  • Add a bullet.

  • Add a section symbol, a paragraph symbol or a copyright symbol.

  • Turn italics, underline and bold on or off with a single keystroke.

  • Change the line spacing

  • Add words and phrases that lawyers use all of the time (like court of appeals, plaintiff, appellant, etc.) with a single keystroke.

Having successfully launched a keyboard targeted at lawyers, Potts is now drafting blueprints for other profession-specific keyboards, such as for doctors and journalists.

The LegalBoard was debuted at CES 2017, full coverage of the show can be accessed here.

Source: Pro-Boards via Law Sites | Image of the

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