Process Lasso

Process Lasso

Process Lasso is an automated Windows process (program) management and optimization utility. By managing the programs running on your computer, Process Lasso increases system responsiveness and helps to prevents system stalls. It accomplishes this through our ProBalance technology. This proprietary algorithm dynamically adjusts the priorities of running programs so that some are given higher priority access to the CPU(s) than others. With Process Lasso, no longer will single, or multiple, processes be able to bring your system to a virtual stall. Process Lasso will let you keep interacting with your computer, even when it is totally swamped.

Process Lasso is NOT yet another task manager. It is a process priority optimization, CPU affinity optimization, and system automation utility. Priority optimization, affinity optimization, core optimization, automated rules, automated power schemes, you name it and Process Lasso has it. Although most consider Lasso the ultimate process priority optimizer, it does so much more!

What is the difference between the free and Pro versions of Process Lasso?
The differences are described here.

This version represents a substantial refactoring of the Process Lasso code base. The product has been optimized, profiled, tested, and polished. Several small features and improvements were also implemented.

  • Support for up to 64 cores
  • New CPU affinity shorthand notation for ranges, e.g. 2-4, or 1;2;3-5;7
  • Expanded watchdog rules
  • Reduced resource utilization even further (CPU and memory)
  • New log format for improved logging efficiency
  • New log events, such as process termination notifications that include run statistics
  • Improved PC responsiveness metric!
  • Change company name from 'Bitsum' to 'Bitsum LLC'
  • Reduce nag timer for long-term free users
  • Minor adjustments

Download: Process Lasso | x64 build | 2.4 MB (Free, paid upgrade available)
Download: Portable Process Lasso | Portable x64 build | 2.7 MB
View: Bitsum Website | Release Notes

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