Progress made on cracking Blu-ray's special DRM, BD+

SlySoft, the Antigua-based company behind AndDVD HD, has claimed that it knows how to defeat the additional BD+ encryption available on Blu-ray devices, and that BD+ movies will be cracked by the end of the year. In a press release, the company appears to relish its outlaw status in Hollywood. "I should really think about hiring a bodyguard now, since this product won't please everybody," said James Wong, the company's head developer. He's certainly right about that.

AACS, the "advanced" copy protection system deployed on both high-def disc formats, proved itself to be something less than hacker proof when it was cracked in a couple of months. Back in April, hackers announced a set of "non-revocable cracks" and then promptly cracked AACS again a day after it was "fixed." BD+ is a second layer of encryption that can be slapped on top of AACS. It wasn't used with initial Blu-ray releases because, well, it wasn't actually done. The specs and licensing arrangements weren't worked out until June of this year, and it wasn't long after that BD+ went to work annoying legal users.

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