Project Gotham Racing 4 goes golden

Thanks to the new an improved Voodoo Extreme for the head's up on this one:

PGR4 has gone gold and is currently winging its way to manufacturing! Woo!

For all the non-Level 60 geeks among us, this means that a game has passed all the necessary certification tests and is officially finished, done, and dusted. Now all that remains to be done is for the squillions of discs to be pressed and shipped to stores, so that you can buy yourself a copy.

"But when can I do this?" I hear you ask. Well if you're in the US, you should head down to your favourite store on the 2nd October. For us European folk the wait is a little longer, as the game launches here on the 12th October.

View: Original story @ VE3D
View: Bizzare Creation's Offical Annoucement

P.S. I know the news icon for this story is from like, the 2002 game. Sorry!

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