Project Gotham Racing 4 screenshots and trailer - Wow!

Not to take any thunder away from the recent Forza Motorsport 2 hoopla today, but I just had to post this for you PGR fans. Voodoo Extreme, among other sites, has some absolutely incredible screenshots of Project Gotham Racing 4, including the astounding (and photorealisitic) real time weather effects. Included is a small trailer of the game on the St. Petersburg track. Whether or not this trailer is in game, rendered, a replay using GTV (why don't more games have that?) or whatever, I don't know. But it looks amazing. My bet is it is all in game footage, and PGR4 does look that good.

In any event, check out the screenshots and the trailer over at our good friends Voodoo Extreme.

*Edit* I am also adding links to the TeamXbox coverage as well, they have the trailer in a downloadable format (both in SD and HD flavors) along with some other information on the weather system and a list of some of the cars we will see in the game.

Forza 2 what?

View: Project Gotham Racing 4 Screenshots
View: Project Gotham Racing 4 Trailer
View: Project Gotham Racing 4 Trailer and Information @ TeamXbox

And yes, I know the logo for this story is using the PGR box art from the old Xbox game, so sue me!

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