Proposed Hawaii bill would keep track of citizen's web visits

If you live in the state of Hawaii, you might want to be aware that some lawmakers want to pass a law that would keep track of your web visits. reports that a newly introduced bill in the state's House of Representatives, H.B. 2288, would require that Internet service providers keep a list of the Internet IP addresses and domain names of all of the people who use their services for the next two years.

The bill also requires that service providers must keep a list of their subscriber's name and addresses for two years as well. The bill itself is very broadly written. It has no mention of any kind of restrictions such as requiring the police to get a warrant to obtain these files or placing any limits on Internet service providers on what they could potentially do with this kind of information.

The bill itself lists Representative John Mizuno of Oahu as its lead sponsor. It's not immediately clear as to why he wanted to introduce such a broad and sweeping bill into Hawaii's state legislature. The bill was introduced last week and is scheduled for its first hearing today.

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