PS3 Launch Title to Use 22GB on Blu-ray Disc Format

PlayStation 3 launch title Resistance: Fall of Man will reportedly take a staggering 22 gigabytes of storage space using the PS3's Blu-ray disc format.

The revelation comes from an article posted by MTV News, which details some brief statements from Insomniac Games' spokesperson Ryan Schneider. "We're going to fit more on a Blu-Ray disc than you could on an HD DVD," he told MTV.

The HD DVD and Blu-ray formats are competing disc technologies. HD DVD handles about 15 gigabytes; the Blu-ray can handle 25 gigabytes. In comparison, the biggest PC games top out at around 7 gigabytes -- less than a third the size of PS3 exclusive Resistance, estimated at 22 gigabyes.

The massive storage size for the final version of Resistance (which the article says are "thanks to high-res graphics and orchestral music") could serve as a potent response to concerns that Sony's Blu-ray format has no benefit for gamers. In contrast, the Xbox 360 can only hold up to 8 gigabytes per game disc.

News source: Gamepro

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