Psystar switches from Mac OS X to Linux

As you'll know, Psystar is a company that tried to sell Apple's OS X operating system on non-Mac machines, and got taken down because of it. This, apparently, isn't enough to stop them; the resilient company is now selling machines boasting the free Linux operating system.

According to OS News, Psystar made an announcement about switching to Linux on its website. The company stated, "Earlier this month, Psystar discontinued the sale of all its computer systems. In the coming days, we will again be offering complete systems but at discounted prices as they will be bundled with your choice of Linux operating system. In addition to using only first quality components, our hardware specifically chosen such that it is known to be compatible with OS X (via Apples own drivers or open source offerings online). This makes it easier to get up and running with your favorite XNU based operating system, including Pure Darwin." Of course, Psystar has disagreed with the decision of the court to disallow the sale of OS X by them, noting, "If you purchase an off-the-shelf copy of OS X Snow Leopard, it's your right to use that software. A publisher cannot forbid you from reading a book in the bathroom or listening to a music disc while riding your bicycle. There should be no difference in the software realm, no matter how much money Apple or anyone else throws at it."

Whether or not this will help Psystar in the future has yet to be seen. The whole appeal of their products was the presence of OS X, which is generally only available on a higher-priced Mac, whereas any regular Joe can put together a Linux based computer provided they have the know-how.

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