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PWAs installed with Microsoft Edge will now let you switch profiles

Microsoft has announced that you can switch profiles in progressive web apps (PWAs) that were installed using its Edge browser. Easy profile switching is something that's been available in the browser for some time, but now it's available for installed apps, and moreover, it's independent from your selection in the browser.

In order to do it, you'll see the profile icon in the title bar of the app. You can click it, and then select the profile you want. A second app will launch with the new profile. The default profile will be the one that you last used, and of course, the available profiles will mirror the ones available in Edge.

Microsoft didn't say which versions of Edge this is available in, but you can bet it's only Dev and Canary, since this is still considered to be an experiment. The company is also asking for feedback on how this works, specifically for three questions:

  • Do you prefer to have your app display as one application in Windows, and switch using this experimental method described above?
  • Do you prefer to have distinct applications installed on Windows for each profile you install the app with? This would mean you could have multiple application tiles/icons in Start, the Taskbar or on your desktop.
  • Would you prefer to choose your default profile each time you install a new application?

In order to get started, the feature should just start showing up in your installed PWAs.

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