Quake Live gets new update; free trial of premium content

Quake Live was first launched in 2010 and since then developer id Software has continued to update the free-to-play shooter (based on Quake III Arena) with more content and improvements. This week, id and its owner Bethesda Softworks announced that it had released a new content update for its paid Premium and Pro subscribers.

The good news is that id has also opened up its Premium level of Quake Live for free to anyone from now until Sunday, May 6th. That means all Quake Live players will be able to access over 50 maps that are normally just for the $1.99 a month Premium members, along with other features such as special scoreboards and in-game stats, the ability to create your own Quake Live clan and more.

The Premium content update this week adds four new maps, including two that were previously released as exclusives for the Xbox Live Arcade game Quake Arena Arcade. The update also adds five new gameplay modes, including Attack and Defend, Harvester, Domination, One Flag and Red Rover.

id Software also sells a Pro subscription to Quake Live for $3.99 a month. Among other additional features, Pro subscribers are allowed to start their own game server, invite who they would like to join them in those server matches and more.

Image via id Software

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