Qualcomm rebrands processors as 'platforms'; Snapdragon now reserved for 'premium' devices

Qualcomm announced today that it will be making some branding changes to its Snapdragon chipsets. From now on, they'll be called 'platforms' instead of processors.

The company says that the word 'processor' doesn't accurately reflect what's included in a Snapdragon chipset, which is really a system-on-a-chip (SoC). An SoC doesn't just include a CPU; it's also bundled with support for Quick Charge technology, Wi-Fi touch controllers, fingerprint technology, and more. Indeed, there are many different parts - both hardware and software - that go into one of Qualcomm's chipsets.

But that's not the only branding change that the firm is making; the Snapdragon 200-series of chipsets won't be called Snapdragon anymore at all. Instead, they will come under the Qualcomm Mobile brand, reserving the Snapdragon name for premium platforms, which apparently include the 400-series and up.

Obviously, none of today's changes affect the end user in any way. Qualcomm's products will be branded a bit differently, and that's it. The firm says that moving forward, it wants its branding to "reflect all the places we’re making a difference, from mobile PCs and servers, to automotive, IP cameras, drones, VR/AR headsets, and beyond."

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