Quickest preview ever! Nokia Lumia 900 running Windows Phone 7.8

As Windows Phone users wait eagerly for the 7.8 update, a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it preview has appeared online showing the update running on a Nokia Lumia 900.

By quick, we meant it too! At 37 seconds in length the video doesn’t give itself much time to show very much of anything. However, this is what we did notice:

  • Four seconds in, shows IE live tile being resized to the smallest variant
  • 16 seconds, showing the Settings options available
  • 27 seconds, showing the Xbox live hub

The information given in by the poster, PhoneCatTV, states that the update is “Not final, may change till launch in 2013 Q1” and that “This is just a preview of WP 7.8 demo unit.

While there is no other information available, and we still wait for Microsoft to announce exactly what the 7.8 update will bring – excluding the updated UI of course – stories both confirmed and rumour has the OS getting new theme colours and the browser will be updated to IE9.

Come on Microsoft, give all the loyal Windows Phone 7 users something to smile about; tell us what to expect and when exactly to expect it! And also, give the hidden parent in all of us the good news that Children’s Corner will be included with 7.8.

You can check out all our Windows Phone 7.8 coverage here.

Source and video: YouTube

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