Rambus with the Help of SiS Poised to take on Dual DDR

CHIPSET FIRM SIS said that is showing off the latest vesion of its R659 chipset at the Rambus Developer Forum in Tokyo, today.

The 659 which uses HyperStreaming, a marchitecture term, will work with the 964 south bridge chipset it's already shipping.

The 659 supports quad channel, 1200MHz RDRAM modules, and a claimed memory bandwidth of 9.6Gbytes/second. Boards using the chipset will be able to hold up to 16GB, claimed SIS.

Although Intel is supporting Rambus using its 850 chipset, and has recently started selling one of its own motherboards based on RDRAM, its roadmaps show that the days when it fully endorsed the memory type are nearly at an end.

659 Samples will be supplied to mobo makers during this quarter, the firm said.

News source: The Inquirer

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